Juliette Rapala


Hi, I’m Juliette 👋

I am a software engineer and accessibility advocate who builds applications for both web and mobile. I believe that the web should work for everyone, regardless of their abilities or circumstances.

I spend a lot of time educating myself and others on how to make websites and applications accessible. I write about accessibility, design systems, CSS, React, SwiftUI, and React Native in my blog. You can read my posts here.

I have a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Northwestern University.

What I Do For Work:

I currently work for Fender as a Software Engineer. At Fender, I help develop Fender Play, a guitar-learning platform, as well as a Design System used by all of Fender's web products. I am also a member of Fender's accessibility team.

In the past I have worked for Ascendum Solutions as a Mobile Developer for digital products in the healthcare industry. I have also worked for Eventric as a Desktop and Mobile Developer for their live event and tour management software solutions.

Before entering tech, I worked in the concert industry in ticketing, talent buying, and production roles. I've been on a number of tours and still work the occasional show from time to time.

What I Do For Fun:

When I'm not at my computer, I enjoy fitness (weightlifting, cycling, and hiking), going to concerts, baking desserts, and watching movies. I'm a big bookworm and enjoy both reading and writing fiction.