Juliette Rapala's Initials


Hi, I’m Juliette 👋

Juliette Rapala

I am a web developer and software engineer who specializes in JavaScript and React.

What I Do For Work:

Eventric Master Tour Logo

I currently work for Eventric where we build live event and tour management software solutions. I’m part of the team that has designed and developed Master Tour 3.0, a React app built with Electron. I also lead the development team for Master Tour Mobile, an Android/iOS app built with React Native.

What I Do For Fun:

  • Code! I love learning new things, such as Gatsby and GraphQL, and building apps to learn it (this site was built using both of those!). You can see more of my projects here.
  • Write! I like to write about things that I am learning. I also write a lot about React Native, to try to make it more accessible to React developers. You can read some of my posts here.
  • Travel!

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